What is your formula for customer service success?

What is your formula for customer service success?

LOVIS – April 6, 2015

With today’s multichannel world, there is no reason to not take all the opportunities before you. Even if the whole city is buried in snow, you can always keep your customers close, but it is not enough to have an online presence; your marketing teams should focus in three important aspects:

  1. Consistency

Imagine a client who decides to browse your online store for the best offers, and then tries to do the same through her laptop but the same offers are not there. It is not enough to have all channels open; it is crucial that the experience is the same across all of them.

  1. Personalisation

Do you currently offer meaningful experiences all the way from your online store to your actual physical shop’s floor?

It is a bad idea for a sports equipment shop to send an email to a customer with offers about diving gear, when in his social networks he says he hates the sea but loves climbing. You need to keep in mind as much data as there is available to keep your customer’s loyalty.

  1. Tactical ROI

With today’s tools it has never been easier to analyse the benefit your investments have produced. However, your analysis team can go even further. That offer about diving gear might be yielding excellent results, but if you delve deeper you might notice that there is a segment that has been complaining that they have not been able to go climbing.

What is your formula for customer service success?