3 Ways to Successfully Cater to Millennials -the Digital Consumers

3 Ways to Successfully Cater to Millennials -the Digital Consumers

LOVIS – March 23, 2015

By 2017, Millennials will be a generation with a purchase power of $200 billion dollars yearly. Are you ready? According to a study made by Orange Silicon Valley, 42.3% of Millennials prefer digital consumer channels, with social networks and apps above the phone. How can you deal with this generation’s tastes?

  1. With a Solid Digital and Social Experience

Although most companies already use social networks to keep in touch with their clients, many customers do their own research on the web before contacting your call centre and they expect your agents to know about a couple certain fixes they found. Is your team ready for that?

  1. With a Personalised Experience

The #1 frustration in Orange Silicon Valley’s report was having to repeat information. An example is when you call your bank’s credit card department but they directed you to the debit card department and you have to repeat everything twice. With the huge amount of data available nowadays, avoiding this kind of mistakes has never been easier.

  1. Go Faster Than Real Time

If you have smart metrics, your customer service agents will be able to offer higher quality interactions. Have workflows and processes that keep your team agile and nimble.