5 tips for the successful implementation of a new technology

5 tips for the successful implementation of a new technology

Ituriel Bellescusa – January 16, 2017

Implementing a new technology in your organization can be a more complex process than you can imagine. There are several factors that must be taken into account in order to achieve a successful implementation.


For the implementation of a new technology in the organization, there are certain aspects that must be considered so that everyone that is involved, either directly or indirectly, facilitate the arrival of technological change.

The implementation of a new technology is a process in which several areas and people of the organization participate. Here are five tips that can help you and your organization to have a successful implementation:

  1. Learn how to handle resistance to change.

It is common to find people within the organization who have great resistance to change. This can be one of the biggest obstacles since a new technology involves a new way of working. Therefore, it is important to take a correct approach when managing change within the organization.

  1. Identify, investigate and inform.

The introduction of a new technology must facilitate organizational activities; it is essential to identify the problems that arise in the company. After identifying them, you should do the research of which technology is the most convenient to solve them. Inform the appropriate stakeholders about your findings to choose the option.

  1. Make it personal.

Remember that you will not be the only beneficiary. You should let your partners know why it is important to implement the new technology and how they will benefit from it, this is essential for the implementation to be carried out successfully.

  1. Take care of the implementation.

Whoever is responsible for the implementation should be aware of it at all times. It is important that targets are set so that implementation can be monitored at any stage. The responsible person must make sure that the goals are fulfilled on time to avoid delays and additional costs. This will prevent having a negative impact instead of benefiting the organization.

  1. Recognize the goals met.

When a goal is met, recognize the efforts of those involved to make things happen. Let the collaborators know that without their help adopting a new technology would not be possible. Highlight the things that are done correctly and if there are areas of opportunity, correct them hand in hand with the collaborators.

Moreover, remember that teamwork and communication are key tools for successful implementation.