5 Tips to Talk about Cloud Computing as a Strategic Advantage

5 Tips to Talk about Cloud Computing as a Strategic Advantage

LOVIS – April 6, 2015

Cloud computing is changing the way companies work, but there is little talk about its direct impact on business. There is a lot of discussion regarding the costs and benefits that cloud computing entails as a technology but there is little talk about its impact on business. Here are 5 tips to turn the conversation towards the strategic advantages the cloud can bring to your company:

  1. Study your Options

What providers can you use? Which ones cover your security and data localisation needs?

  1. Establish the Links with the Business

The Cloud only Works if people are aware of what it can do for them. Make sure that the key groups in your business know about the benefits cloud computing can bring them.

  1. Identify Early Wins

What IT services are the easiest to migrate? Consider moving them to the cloud swiftly and decisively. These early wins create trust and generate momentum.

  1. Consider File-Sharing Services

This is an early win that is among the easiest to implement and that bring more impact over the way operations take place no matter the job or department.

  1. Consider Complementary Services

Assess the risks and decide if you could use additional services like backup and disaster recovery that can also be provided through the Cloud.

Cloud computing is a technology that can bring instant benefits to your company if discussed adequately.