7 Habits that determine your technological age

7 Habits that determine your technological age

Belen Falcon – July 27, 2016

Have you ever felt younger than you really are? Or rather, did you come to think that the evolution of technology has overtaken you? Find out how your habits determine your technological age.


Every day that goes we get a little bit older; however, the date of birth is not all that defines our age. We can talk about biological age, which is influenced by our lifestyle and state of the organism; mental age, which is more related to our level of emotional maturity; or technological age, which depends on the way we interact and take advantage of new technologies. Analyze your technological habits and discover how young you are.

1. How much benefit do you get from your Smart Phone?

The Smartphone is much more than a mobile phone, it has become the point of contact between the person and the world. In addition to communicating with others, it allows us to perform virtually any activity in a simpler way: bank transfers, arrange transportation, know the best route, take a picture, download a video, study online, do mathematical calculations and a thousand other things. Do you use your Smartphone to make your everyday life easier?

2. Are social networks part of your life or do you think they keep you away from real life?

The line between use and dependence on social networks is very thin, but that’s a topic for another day. So far we have seen how social networks erase geographical boundaries and serve to connect families and friends regardless of the distance, they are helpful to establish professional relationships and keep us informed in real time of world events. Have you missed events or news because you weren’t connected?

3. Do you trust or distrust online shopping?

Buying through the Internet has opened the door to a global market without limitations, with the ability to acquire virtually anything you want from anywhere in the world; additionally, it offers the possibility to review products before and after purchasing them. However, for some people it may seem like an act of faith to consume something that they haven’t seen, touched or tasted. Which side do you think you are?

4. Desktop computer, lap top or tablet?

The dynamics of current work assess the relationship between people from different backgrounds, experiences and ages, encouraging people who are in different physical locations to work together. In this context, mobility and the possibility to perform activities remotely has become a basic requirement. Which device do you prefer, your desktop, your lap top or your tablet?

5. Do you use Wearable Devices or do you consider them unnecessary?

The Wearable devices allow us to wear the technology. Currently there are various devices such as SmartWatches, SmartGlasses, and Fitness bands. With the entry of these products, we can get the benefits of technology without even realizing it, what do you think?

6. To study a master, a diploma or any online course is your first choice, or would you rather attend the classroom?

The access to specialized knowledge, which is interesting for you, from your own home, your speed, your direction and at your own pace, was an idea that only appeared in the science fiction of the past century. Currently, online education gains more and more acceptance in the school and work context. Do you really think it’s still fiction?

7. What do you prefer, cloud-based systems or custom developments hosted on the servers of your company?

Many people still believe that a custom development is the solution to manage the operation of a business; however, often all they do is automate processes that were no longer functional to the company (or never were). The best way to leverage technology is with a universal, configurable, and scalable system designed to facilitate the process and that is always available from the cloud.

The technology is changing the way we interact with the world. Regardless of age, being at the forefront and make the most of the technological tools that are at our disposal make life easier.