Can you imagine recovering one out of every two hours of your day?

Can you imagine recovering one out of every two hours of your day?

Gerardo Flores – December 29, 2015

Nowadays we spend a lot of time for certain activities that add little value compared with the results we want to achieve; some of them are inevitable, however, we are so immersed in the routine that we stop looking for a better way to run them.


In LOVIS we are dedicated to help you and your employees invest your time in a better and more productive way. In doing so, we guarantee that you save one out of every two hours. We think that having more time adds value to you and to your organisation since it may be invested in innovation, relaxation or quality time with the family.

As an example we will describe the case of a public entity in which our clients have experienced these benefits. The first step is to have a diagnosis through a series of meeting with each area, to understand their roles and proceses. As a result, we identify areas of opportunity in certain procedures; for example, in the sufficiency budget requests, in which the procedure was not followed by all, affecting the attention span and the service among them. There was no official record, which not only caused that the information was adversely affected, but required to recapture it in a final database. This involved much more time than necessary.

After the diagnosis, we show the metrics based on their processes and the improvements they would have with our EOS. The figures showed a reduction of 2.528 hours per month, while for the annual closure we estimated a 384 hours reduction, which could be invested in other activities and thus add more value to the organisation. This represents an improvement in the service to other areas of the institution.

Subsequently, the customer could see in real time their own data, thus confirming how the processes and LOVIS technology will help them improve their quality of life and productivity. At the same time, they could verify these and more improvements such as having an orderly and timely recording information process, ensuring reliable information.