Centralized purchases and imports distributed in multiple currencies

Centralized purchases and imports distributed in multiple currencies

Daniel Valencia – February 23, 2015

Have an optimal procurement management should not be a difficult task to do and that requires great effort and time, meet the requirements of purchase, stock your inventory and have the information from your suppliers must be always available and reliable as this will allow you to have a better service reducing time and increasing the quality of your services and products.


Every company is unique, and each one may have different needs in their way to buy and make purchases at different locations, requiring greater reactivity or centralizing decision-making supply into one department helping to reduce costs and expenses in a short time due to the generation of economies of scale.

On the other hand, if you import purchases is known that Fraction Tariff is a global term that identifies the product description, the requirements for entry to the importing country and the taxes that must be paid. You should know that with the authorities solely responsible for the correct tariff classification is from the importer and as such is indicated to provide both your provider as your agent / broker agent, the share of imported goods tariff. Likewise, the exporter should confirm this information with your client (importer).

In case of imports is common to dismiss the specific detail of the tariff so an article may be imported under different criteria increasing taxes to pay. Furthermore incurs various costs and expenses to import the goods, they should be considered for inventory valuation and identification of profitability, unfortunately for the effort it involves not always happen.

With LOVIS EOS you can count with any of the models, allowing control operation with distributed purchases (Various locations of purchase) or allowing a central shopping area to meet real-time needs of the entire organization, regardless of the different locations, or if you have to purchase to domestic or foreign suppliers, thus increasing your reaction and allowing economies of scale simultaneously.

As for imports, LOVIS EOS filters the provider and the broker using the correct classification, since it is determined by the importer from the beginning and is reflected in each Purchase Order are used. Furthermore, when selling this merchandise in country automatically information thereof to the Commercial Invoice is transferred, in addition to vital information such as: Customs revenue, number and date of the motion.

Besides costing a product ceases to be a headache because the customs fees, transportation and all concerning the cost of sales are spread over each of the imported in a quick and easy way units, either in terms of price, weight, volume thereof, among others.

Through the above process, the visibility of all costs and overhead is obtained by allowing control of them and facilitating the identification of the most appropriate selling price as the business strategy followed by the company, thus increasing their profitability.

With LOVIS EOS you can count on reliable information online and in real time, making easier the execution of cyclic inventories, ensuring the existence of what is actually available, which is assigned and the product in transit. Thanks to these issues, our customers have been more profitable, more competitive and have been able to provide better service to their customers.