Comfort Zone

Comfort Zone

Evelyn C├írdenas – August 4, 2015

The comfort zone is the silent murderer of human beings and organisations because It limits us, keeps us from growing.


It is very common human beings like us to be in the comfort zone as a “comfortable” and naturally we like being there, but the reality is that if we never left this area, we will not realise how far we can come and grew in their lives.

What is the comfort zone?, I could give you many definitions from books about the subject but actually, the comfort zone is the area “does not give us problems,” because we know it already, know that will happen if we do something and we have seen the skills to get for something, but the comfort zone has a little problem, “will not grow”, this area stops know new things, to do new challenges or whatever we want, then, the comfort zone becomes harmful to all human beings; some people will realise that it is not good stay so long in it and others simply live there forever.

The comfort zone is not bad, in fact, be there for some time that we strengthen our security and feel good, but when being in this area lose good opportunities in our personal and professional life, it becomes the “silent murderer of all human and organisations “as though a person has a great potential, if not decide to leave the comfort zone can never check everything wonderful things that we can do in our lives.

Humans should not be afraid, in fact, the comfort zone is fed fear and limits us to experience new things, so, we must put more challenging, with much more intensity than the previous challenge, of not doing so, do not move, do not grow, we do not learn, we do not develop and we do not get the best of ourselves ever higher challenges.

It is normal to be afraid, it is normal to want to be in the comfort zone but not limit ourselves, we experience, exploit all our potential we have, think about ourselves and what we need for our individual growth and ask for help to others to achieve a common goal; the favourite dish of the comfort zone is “no change”, would you allow this in your life? Or, would you like to move?