How to avoid the divorce between technology and processes?

How to avoid the divorce between technology and processes?

José Echeverría – October 16, 2016

Today, regardless of organizations' line of business, it is a must to work hand to hand with technological solutions that enable companies to adapt more quickly to an increasingly competitive and globalized environment. For this reason, many organizations are in a constant search for new tools and technology systems that will facilitate them the automation of processes and everyday activities.


It is common to focus only on the technology side when we decide to implement a new solution, leaving out the processes that govern the technology and the users that will interact with it. Expectations won’t be met because of the distance generated from the beginning between the technology and the operation processes.

For example, if we acquire a more advanced operating system for the transactions within our company, but we don’t change the actual processes, the project will fail. Similarly, if the technology does not complement and support adequately the processes of the organization, it will not be useful, making this acquisition a mere expense.

To avoid this divorce between processes and technology, companies should work alternatives and solutions that enable them to align internal processes through technology. It is essential that this synergy will not only help align the behavior of the company and each of the partners involved, but support the future growth of the organization.

In the interaction between technology and processes is where true value is created for any organization. Strengthen this synergy is key to staying competitive in today’s market.