Fulfiling the Electronic Accounting through our daily work

Fulfiling the Electronic Accounting through our daily work

José Echeverría – February 1, 2015

The new Accounting guidelines for the Electronic Accounting have become a headache for many organisations, but do we really need to see this like a problem or could it be an area of opportunity to improve our processes?


Electronic Accounting has become quite a trending topic in México, since starting this 2015 it will be a requisite to obey to all the different guidelines stipulated so many companies are concerned with its proper execution.

In addition to the concerns that postulates a change like this, even today, there are new modifications within the Electronic Accounting, leaving many organisations in a scenario of uncertainty and questioning what would be the best way to solve this problem.

The first point for a suitable solution to everything that involves the Electronic Accounting is to know the requirements that will be demanded. For instance, we know that the companies must present the chart of accounts with SAT grouping code and the delivery of the trial balance.

But even more important is to know the significance of adequate, reliable and up to date record of each and every processes and documents that support the operation of the organization. In order to have the necessary support that will ensure that the information is accurate for submission to the SAT and in case of requesting a refund or make compensations.

In other words, it will be necessary, for each organizations, to have a complete record of its operation within a system reflecting all the accounting movements and documents to fully comply with the Electronic Accounting. In this way, we can ensure that the information presented have proper fundaments.

This is one of the advantages of our system, LOVIS EOS. The only Enterprise Operating System which can manage the overall operation of the organisation within a single tool and 100% compliance to the appropriate registration of operations and support documents at the same time, covering the requirements of the Electronic Accounting and being flexible to subsequent changes that may occur in the accounting guidelines.

The changes being made by the SAT should be seen as a growth opportunity for companies where we can begin to improve processes with LOVIS EOS and use it to capture the operations of everyday with the ease of having a fully automated accounting dictated directly by the daily operation. So, as easy as fulfilling our daily work, we began to cover every detail of the Accounting Electronics.