Our recommendation of the week: Dalí Universe

Our recommendation of the week: Dalí Universe

Carolina Pacheco – February 16, 2015

Dalí Universe is an amazing museum located in London, UK. It is right in front of the London Eye, and steps before arriving to the museum you can admire the amazing sculptures of the Spanish Painter and Sculptur Salvador Dalí. This museum is one of the best in the world... If you go to London, this is a place you definitely should not miss.


“Whoever wants to engage people’s interest must provoke them” said Salvador Dalí, and surely he did. Salvador Dalí, gave an important meaning to his art, with his amazing and confusing works. Dalí gave us the privilege of admiring surrealism through his art, showing a world full of mistery.

That is why it is no surprising that in different parts of the world there are museums dedicated to him and his works.

Well, I want to recommend one that is absolutely amazing: Dalí Universe, a museum dedicated to the Spanish painter and sculptor. It is located in London, UK.

If you are having a nice day walking around London, do not hesitate to visit this wonderful part of the city. You can arrive to Dalí Universe by feet, it is just in front of the London Eye and near Big Ben.  This museum, show us magic sculptures inside and outside of it, making the experience more interesting.

The museum is considered one of the best dedicated to this famous painter, being the home of over six hundred works by the artist from paintings to sculptures.

Salvador Dali, was a Spanish painter, known for his eccentricity. Being one of the most acclaimed painters of surrealism. One of the symbols that stands out is the melting clock, which represents the theory of relativity of Albert Einstein. All of these clocks in all the paintings show the time of surrealism, 18 hours.

Famous for its physical and visual artistic works. Some examples would be The Lobster Telephone, The Lip Couch or his paintings.

So, come to London, come to Dalí Universe and have a wonderful time full of surrealism and amazement in this magical place.