Our Recommendation of the week: Delirio Restaurant

Our Recommendation of the week: Delirio Restaurant

Carolina Pacheco – April 27, 2015

Delirio from Monica Patiño, is located in Alvaro Obregon St, Roma. This is an ideal place to share with friends and family. These place has an amasing fusion between the artesanal gastronomy and the warm embrace you feel in the place.


Delirio is a small restaurante located in Alvaro Obregon St. in Mexico City. In this place they sell artesanal, mediterranean and organic food. You can find handmade bread as well as unique sauces created by the owner, Monica Patiño. Also, you can find different types of honey, food, chocolate, and much more. A list of endless ingredients might be found in this place. The warm embrace that you feel when you get in there, makes you want to stay more.

My favorite day to go is Sunday since you can eat the delicious and original brunch they offer.

I really  recomend you to go to Delirio and fill up your senses with the amasing food you find there.