Do not spend your money on ERP, better invest it in technology that will give you a ROI of 2 to 1

Do not spend your money on ERP, better invest it in technology that will give you a ROI of 2 to 1

Fernanda López – March 8, 2016

According to the numbers thrown by the survey of Panorama Consulting Solutions in 2015, 35% of the companies that pushed for the implementation of an ERP took three years to recoup their investment, 11% will take five years and only 15% will managed to recover after 2 years.



  • Most of the times, projects are not precisely sized from the beginning so needs are detected once they start with the implementation.
  • It becomes necessary to invest more resources and budget increases.
  • Times are extended and consequently the technological tool usage is delayed.

Result: The promises of increased productivity and profitability fail, or at least they do not happened on the expected time.

Can you recover the investment from the first year?

The answer is YES. When a correct sizing of the project is done from the beginning, it is very easy to know and quantify savings in time, man hours, and of course, in money, before even starting the project.

On the other hand, the payback in less than one year is natural, thanks to the technological tool that is universal, configurable according to customer needs and does not require development or extra modules that involve an additional cost.

Finally, our methodology enables process improvements and the successful implementation of the new technology in less than six months, which definitely impacts the return on investment in a short term.

Did you know that with LOVIS EOS projects you recover your investment in the first year, and you generate an ROI of 2 to 1 before the end of the second year? Please contact us and find out more about how we do it