Exclusive Interview with Corporate Partner Jaime Moreno Suastegui, Technology Director LOVIS Spain

Exclusive Interview with Corporate Partner Jaime Moreno Suastegui, Technology Director LOVIS Spain

British Chamber of Commerce in Spain – June 14, 2016

“With the support of the BCCS we are able to help both, British and Spanish companies, to increase their benefits”, Jaime Moreno


What is LOVIS main activity?

In LOVIS we are dedicated to improve the value of organisations by helping them to regain at least one out of every two hours spend on administrative and operative tasks to invest them in things that really matter, that are more meaningful and valuable to the business.

Through the optimisation of business processes is that we preserve the practices that the company has developed and that make it successful, while we add the proven practices that work best in many companies. Moreover, we design and implement new innovative practices that are only possible thanks to our Enterprise Operating System LOVIS EOS.

Can you tell us more about LOVIS EOS?

LOVIS EOS is the enterprise management solution that emerges as an alternative for organisations that suffer the pain of Information Systems called Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). The difference between ERPs and EOS, is that our solution is characterised by being universal, configurable, comprehensive, scalable, and designed for the cloud, which means it is online and in real time with a transactional availability above 99.9%.

It is important to emphasise that this month we will launch, from Spain to the world, the new version LOVIS EOS 8.0, which allows our customers, with presence in more than one country, to manage their business simultaneously in different environments, languages and sectors, without additional efforts into a modern and simple interface.

Looking ahead to a medium and long term future, what are the plans of the company?

Currently in Spain, we are working in the development of global Business Partners to couple their experience in consulting and implementation, with our methodology and comprehensive enterprise management system. We can help all those companies dissatisfied with their ERP to migrate to our platform LOVIS EOS 8.0 and obtain benefits they’ve always wanted very soon. LOVIS EOS, unlike ERP, is ready to operate from the first day and our customers achieve total synchrony of their business in a short period of time, increasing the value of the business.

How would you describe the relationship between LOVIS and the BCCS?

With the support of the BCCS we can help both, British and Spanish companies to increase their benefits, which in turn, helps them grow their territory and country as a whole, to greater job creation. In addition, the BCCS helps us positioning our company to be able to reach a larger number of companies with our benefits. Thanks to the BCCS we have also been able to establish new business relationships to share experiences with other members, who are very enriching.