Financial statements every morning. Effortless.

Financial statements every morning. Effortless.

Arturo Ortega – August 8, 2017

Have a clear view to the reality of your business at all times and from anywhere. Make smart decisions based on reliable and timely information. LOVIS EOS –the first Business Operation System– is naturally adapted to your processes. It operates continuously and integrates your value chain from end-to-end. Get the agility you need to be a 4.0 Enterprise, get your time back and get time to do what really matters.


Is your company as social as Facebook, as immediate as Amazon, as flexible as Netflix and as available as Uber?

Successful companies of the future need to use the full potential of technology platforms to handle the most sophisticated combinations of data and develop analytical methods that allow them to become “sensitive” to the environment, “smart” in their decision-making and “sustainable” in their operation.

The broader study on industry 4.0 concludes that such capabilities will not come from existing ERP systems, but will require a business operation system (EOS).

The great value of an EOS is the ability to model the processes of all types of productive organisations regardless of their complexity, and to do so online, in a reliable way and on real-time. This is a total historical novelty, because it has never before existed the possibility of obtaining information from all kinds of cyberphysical systems and put it at the service of the customer’s experience.

In fact, the pioneering companies of the present moment will achieve the agility they seek insofar as their digital system allows them to have reliable data throughout the operation, without the need for complex and long closing processes each period.

How is that possible?

First of all, it is essential to be able to derive all the logistical, financial and manufacturing information directly from your operation, so that each transaction makes the accounting assignments automatically and gives you a real view of your business at the moment the changes occur.

By visualizing what happens, your board of directors will be able to develop more advanced business practices –its Next Business Practices– and make it easier for each of its operators to focus on their value by registering it directly in the system.

The EOS is flexible, configurable and universal, so it can encompass the entire organization –without modules that split information and make control difficult– and also enables the integration of an information ecosystem along your value chain.

In addition, thanks to its great adaptability, you can make the necessary adjustments without costly implementation processes, which usually reach the solution of the fundamental problem when the critical issues are already others.

Your information is available 24/7, allowing you complete continuity of operations.

When your company has an EOS, you can make much more accurate decisions, by having custom control monitors or explode the information in the most detail. This allows you to develop the business intelligence from which innovations, best experiences for the client and improve the quality of life of all your stakeholders, started by your own collaborators.

A company designed in this way can become “social”, “immediate”, “flexible” and “available” to extremes previously impossible to imagine, becoming a pioneer organization of the new economy, an E 4.0.

That is why we use as an emblematic expression that LOVIS EOS enables decision makers to have “Financial statements every morning. Effortless.”; because when your organisation clearly knows the reality of your business at all times and from anywhere, you can have your talent focused on what really matters: increase productivity, profitability and quality of life.