Fundamentals of Accounting Harmonization for Public Entities

Fundamentals of Accounting Harmonization for Public Entities

Jaime Moreno – February 17, 2015

The Governmental Accounting Harmonization is based on a methodology for integration and production of information.


The accounting system of public entities should be designed and operated in accordance with the techniques of the General Law on Government Accounting features as well as the Framework approved by the CONAC (National Council of Accounting Harmonization), as follows:

  • Being one, uniform and integrated;
  • Integrate automatically the accounting with the budgetary year;
  • Register automatically and one-time accounting and budgetary accounting transactions in the appropriate moments, from the administrative / financial processes to motivate them;
  • Generate real-time financial and budgetary statements;
  • Be designed so as to allow the processing and generation of financial statements using information technologies.

For this the record the transactions made by public entities must identify the budgetary times and producereports on budget, accounting and financial execution in real time, based on accounting theory, the conceptual framework, the basic postulates and national and international standards financial reportingthat are applicable in the Mexican Public Sector.

This in order to get the information set out in legislation, requested by Government decision centers andthat contribute to fiscal transparency and accountability.

For this you must use an integrated information system as DynaWare, where the different areas involvedare merged. If the parts of a system are properly integrated, total operating more effectively and efficiently than the sum of the parts. It is not always easy to design an integrated system, to be merged subsystemsaffected by various approaches, standards, principles and specific techniques.

The integration of government financial information is feasible to the extent that the rules governing its components are mutually consistent, and appropriate technical responses are taken to relate the different types of information (budget, accounting, economic).

In LOVIS have the methodology and the technological tool to comply with Accounting Harmonizationunder the precepts of the CONAC.