Leadership Skills a CIO should have according to Gartner

Leadership Skills a CIO should have according to Gartner

Jimena Aguilar – January 16, 2017

As head of the company's IT systems, the CIO (Chief Information Officer) is responsible for advancing the company by combining innovation, processes, productivity, operation and leadership skills.


Companies must prepare themselves for the changes that are taking place in the business world, where they are beginning to require, among others, the ability to handle new generations of technology, intelligent factories, process automation together with the internet of things and operational and technology interconnectivity to efficiently migrate to the industry 4.0.

Gartner identifies the skills a CIO should have to achieve the goals:

  • Customer orientation inspired by new sources of value and digital possibilities.
  • Anticipate future economic scenarios of the industry by embracing opportunity.
  • Willingness to finance the projects portfolio, seeking innovative results and protecting unpredictability.
  • Start a projects portfolio to test innovative opportunities, fail fast or win big.

These skills do not replace the basic requirements of a CIO; however, they maximize expectations and surpass the value of information technologies. The Gartner report highlights that what distinguishes the best, is how they do it: “through people, by people and with people”.

In this study, 6 behaviors of digital business leadership are analyzed:

  1. The adventurer: This type of leadership seeks the excitement and enjoys the adrenaline of a daring search. They like to be pioneers, push the boundaries, achieve and discover, despite the inherent risk and uncertainty.
  2. The ambassador: A loyal diplomat, a representative. They are experts in finding common ground in different situations.
  3. The clarifier: Someone who can see through problems and contradictions when others can not. They simplify and provide ways for others to focus on what is really important.
  4. The educator: One who imparts knowledge to allow others to raise the level of awareness, their understanding and skills in any field.
  5. The glamorous: This type of leadership is the natural core of social networking, attracts people and ideas towards them. Upgrades talent and creates digital skills.
  6. The cartographer: Someone who practices using maps to communicate information. They seek to improve understanding of context and ability to navigate the optimal path.

The best way to be a leader with great impact includes using the six personalities. Leverage your effectiveness as a leader, remaster your leadership behaviors and promote and develop your team to make the most of Today’s Information Technologies. And remember to do so… “through people, by people and with people”.