Have your processes successfully overcome the Stone Age?

Have your processes successfully overcome the Stone Age?

Gerardo Flores – January 20, 2015

Hunting without getting hurt and counting with financial statements when they’re needed shouldn’t be so difficult if the processes were well defined, we counted with the right tools and the tribe was committed. Transform your companies’ potential in achievements.


Imagine for a moment that you’re in the Stone Age, in which human beings used to hunt. To succeed in this task was vital to the survival of the tribe, so all possible variables should be completely controlled. There were many processes involved, from identifying the pray, getting closer without being noticed, having an effective attack, to killing without getting hurt or being killed. These means it was necessary that they counted with the tools and technology (remember that technology is the development of everything that makes our lives easier) to achieve every hunting-activity.

Do you think that these was more than enough to hunt the mammoth? It could seem like it was, but there’s a third variable, brave men who were capable to use the tools during the hunting. Can you imagine what would happen if a complete generation grew with the fear of dying during the middle of the epic adventure against a mammoth? Easy, there would be no one who brought food and the tribes’ goal of surviving wouldn’t be accomplished.

Currently, something similar is happening within organizations. In LOVIS we’re convinced of the synergy between processes, people and technology, that is why we created LOVIS EOS. Our Enterprise Operating System multiplies the benefits of each one of these elements for the benefit of our customers, ensuring aligned processes and business operations.

Here are 3 ideas that will help you identify if you are out of the path:

  • It is difficult to achieve goals since things are getting done one way, just because that’s how they have been done for a long time.
  • The team work is at the service of the systems and every time information is needed it takes too much time to deliver it or it has to be adapted in some ways.
  • The company’s operations do not flow effectively enough to serve the clients.

If you identify your company with more than one point, then you should consider taking actions to improve your strategy. At the end, we should focus on fulfilling the company’s value offer since it’s the reason for its existence.