How to Tell Your Staff that Changes are Coming?

How to Tell Your Staff that Changes are Coming?

LOVIS – March 23, 2015

When your Company is about to pursue new directions, it is of the outmost importance to keep your team together. However, how can you achieve such kind of cohesion? A great company is always changing. However, when your company walks new paths it is highly important to keep your team united and informed of what is happening.


However, how can you achieve this kind of cohesion? According to the Young Entrepreneur Council, this are some of the best courses of action:

  1. Make an invitation.

No one likes to be told what to do. Invite your team into the conversation about the new directions you are all going to pursue.

  1. Encourage them to make questions.

It is better to have them make as many question as they want before the changes occur, than having them ask them later informally, spreading misinformation.

  1. Break the news in small groups.

If no one makes any questions, then maybe the group is too big.

  1. Be honest.

This is vital for your team trust you and your words. Honesty is a key element in company communication.

  1. Do not let blindsiding become an option.

If you are worried about your staff’s reaction then maybe you need to reboot your company culture.

Changes can go smoothly or roughly depending on your team. Stay together and your company will shine for its plasticity and adaptability.