Information technologies help you protect the planet

Information technologies help you protect the planet

Belén Falcón – February 21, 2016

Have you ever thought about the impact the power consumption of your business has on the environment? Besides the cost effects on your finances?


To have a data center that allows you to support your information, you need a server, a cooling system and at least, one computer. All this for an estimated of more than 65,000 kW per year.

In LOVIS we are committed to transform our customers high-performance businesses, while maintaining a high degree of environmental awareness and concern for nature.

Thanks to the best technology, the world’s first EOS, LOVIS EOS, avoids consuming more than 8 million kW by removing data centers from more than 130 companies.

It’s like LOVIS avoiding to have more than 13,000 headlights on all the year. Equivalent to the electricity consumption of an entire neighborhood.

But what about the environment?

The production of such amount of electricity generates over 5,000 T of CO2 each year or the equivalent of pollution emitted by a midsize car after traveling more than 46 million kilometers or to flip the world about 1168 times.

LOVIS EOS allows our customers to achieve a reduction in power consumption and CO2 emissions of over 98%.

In LOVIS we are committed with the environment, so we propose a new way of operating: less expensive, more environmentally friendly and above all, easy. Get on the new era of high business performance.