Internationalisation success stories of Mexican Companies

Internationalisation success stories of Mexican Companies

LOVIS México – August 10, 2015

Last august 6th our CEO Rafael Funes participated as a speaker in the event “Internationalisation success stories of Mexican Companies" organised by ProMexico where he talked about the success of LOVIS in UK.


Rafael was invited by his successful trajectory as a Businessman and by the notoriety of LOVIS’s Case, which with mostly Mexican Capital, it became into a British Company.

The session took place in ProMéxico’s Auditorium, where we had organisations from different areas, ranging from drycleaners to mezcal companies exporters. LOVIS is the only one established at 100% in the UK.

Rafael Funes is recognised as a visionary and innnovative man. And once again, LOVIS highlighted by its participation and the interest generated in the audience, who made several questions to our Executive Chairman at the end of the session.