LOVIS, an ally in the growth of the Spanish economy

LOVIS, an ally in the growth of the Spanish economy

Nicole Pérez & Agustín Delgado – September 22, 2015

Spain is one of the leading producers and suppliers of food and beverages globally. During 2014, the value of the total sales was 90,000 million euros, with an annual growth of 5.5% compared with the previous year and accounting for 2.7% of the GDP in Spain. In addition, it is anticipated that the sector will continue to develop and it is estimated that for the period 2015 - 2020 the average annual growth rate of the sector will be 4%, with net sales for the year 2020 of 115, 000 million euros.


The current macroeconomic context, the energy crisis and other issues have helped, in a certain way, to create a favorable scenario to consolidate the economic recovery of the country through this sector; which maintains focus on innovation and the adoption of synergies to improve the efficiency of business processes in order to compete in a global market.

The urgency to find ways to increase profitability, that do not affect directly the price of products, is one of the main challenges for the food and beverage industry; due to this situation companies have focused their strategy on key issues such as:

– Improve the operation and reduce direct costs

– Business operations (acquisitions, mergers, joint ventures, etc.)

– Reduce manufacturing costs

For these reasons, the upcoming years are elemental for the companies that are involved in the value chain in this sector, as they face major challenges that are at the same time potential competitive advantages; and those that adapt quickly to the needs of the environment will position themselves as leaders in an industry with a very favorable outlook.

In LOVIS we have distinguished ourselves for potentiate the productivity and profitability of the companies with which we collaborate, using unique methodologies for optimizing processes through the implementation of our powerful technology and the development of the human capital. Together we ensure a remarkable increase in the profitability of organizations as we help them to regain at least one out of every two hours that are spent on administrative and operative tasks, to invest them in activities that are more meaningful and valuable to the business.

Achieving this, what would happen if the companies in this sector could devote more time to innovation and improving the efficiency of their production processes, or enhance the supply chain and generate brand loyalty, or take better decisions based on reliable information at any time?

In LOVIS we are convinced that we can collaborate with companies in the food and beverages industry in Spain and become allies to reach and exceed the expectations of growth foreseen for the sector; contributing to a substantial improvement of the Spanish economy.