LOVIS EOS always on time and cost

LOVIS EOS always on time and cost

Leopoldo Mitre – February 1, 2016

Ten years after completing all projects on time and on cost, LOVIS EOS continues to down its implementation time. Improving every day the methodology and standardizing the previously unthinkable processes, LOVIS has achieved an implementation time of only eighteen weeks and in some cases, up to ten.


“We know that the efficiency with which we develop our projects has been achieved thanks to our proven and refined methodology. This has allowed us to substantially improve business processes of our customers with immediate results, and has also allowed them to have a quick return of their investment”, says Gerardo Flores who currently serves as Manager Consulting at LOVIS.

Complete projects on time and cost since January 2003 is to LOVIS a reality, while for others is and will remain a dream. Remove the objections and difficulties of customers through an instrumentation based on project management is one of the answers; moreover, our application is fully developed to suit the business processes that take place in the real world.

The most important and best part when starting a new project, is that we do it without changing a single line of the application code. It might seem that the solutions that modify the code to suit what the customer wants are better, but the popular wisdom says “the road to hell is paved with good intentions”. Over time we have realized that the changes made to the code are good intentions that commit time and costs; and what it’s worst, they corrupt the original application.

Therefore, LOVIS instrumentation is done exclusively through parameter setting. Everything is interconnected and we can easily activate each of the functionalities that the user requieres. LOVIS consultants become facilitators, trainers and advisors in the implementation process, transferring the knowledge and encouraging the autonomy of the company.

The entrenched expectations that exist in ERP implementation projects, such as high costs, delivery delays and complicated solutions, are eliminated. This has allowed LOVIS to create a process that has transformed the customer’s experience.