LOVIS EOS Implementation: 58% faster than implementing an ERP

LOVIS EOS Implementation: 58% faster than implementing an ERP

Fernanda López – February 21, 2016

LOVIS EOS implementation takes 58% less time than it takes to implement an ERP. Some of the reasons why ERP projects require more time are: Wrong sizing of the project, resource requirements that were not included from the beginning, or failure in the consultation process.


According to the 2015 ERP Report of Panorama Consulting Solutions, 75% of ERP projects require more time than the initially planned. Improper project sizing lead companies involved in the process to expect results that are not feasible on that period of time. Moreover, technological, human and financial resources that were not included from the beginning become necessary; even, in some cases, the consultation process that accompanies such implementation is responsible for delaying the project. In either case and their possible combinations, the result is always an increase in cost.

While it is true that sometimes what is “made to size” is the best, when it comes to information technologies and business systems, the connotation becomes otherwise as the “unique” or the “especially developed for this need” means that it is new and therefore it has not been tested, making it impossible to ensure its functionality and effectiveness. The results of an ERP are based on “trial and error”, not giving the expected result and re-developing parts of the application. All this leads to loss of time, postponement of results and of course, a much higher spending.

Time is one of the most valuable and irreplaceable things we have, there is no formula to reuse it. However, there are many options to invest it properly. In LOVIS we give top priority to time and we make sure every activity we do is intentional. It is found that on average an activity can be done in half the time devoted to it, as long as the person performing is focus, uses the tools and has no distractions.

When we decided to create the EOS, one of our priorities was the implementation time, our goal was to bring our customers an effective, simple and valuable tool that does not require years to start showing results. Nowadays, the implementation of the LOVIS EOS (Enterprise Operating System) happens 58% faster that the ERP implementation. This is possible because our system is a universal technological tool, 99.9% customizable and configurable for any industry and necessity, which does not require external developments or extra modules.