Mexican contemporary art in London

Mexican contemporary art in London

Ramón Aduna – August 3, 2015

"Coquino Coral", "You", "Building the Rain" and "Untitled" are the names of the sculptures made by the mexicans Yvonne Domenge, José Rivelino, Paloma Torres, and Jorge Yazpik, respectively. Their works will be exhibited in London as part of the celebrations of the Dual Year Mexico-United Kingdom 2015.


The Executive Director of the Mexican Agency for International Development Cooperation (AMEXCID), Juan Manuel Valle Pereña, said that this is the first collective exhibition of Mexican large sculptures that takes place in a public space. He added that the works will be exhibited at landmarks such as The Mall, King Charles Island, Trafalgar Square and Grosvenor Gardens, in Westminster.

Each artist had the opportunity to choose the work-theme for their own sculpture. Yvonne Domenge will exhibit a geometric-organic sculpture made of fiberglass with sand, which evokes the beauty and fragility of coral; while Rivelino committed with a monumental-bronze-and-steel sculpture which highlights the contradictions of human equality.

Paloma Torres will present a utilitarian bronze sculpture based on the relationship between the city and nature. Finally, Jorge Yazpik will expose a volcanic-stone-carving intended to represent the origins and geology of Mexico City.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs together with AMEXCID decided to spread the Mexican contemporary art worldwide. This project is called “Contemporary Mexican Sculptures, four visionary artists” and is a proposal from Nuri Martret, Art4 director.

The City of London has emphasized public sculpture and has become world leader in this discipline in all its forms, from historic pieces to the most advanced ones. Currently the streets, squares and gardens of London offer a constant open display, where citizens and visitors can come into contact with the sculptural proposals of the most renowned artists globally. Thus, Mexico adds to the dynamics of international quality exhibitions in public space and is positioned as a country where the work of their artists is up to the best in the world.