My map of life and how to make real changes

My map of life and how to make real changes

Evelyn Cárdenas – February 1, 2015

Our map of life is made up by habits, attitudes and beliefs that define without a doubt who we are and how we behave; this is how as the time goes by, these beliefs determine many of the actions that we make.


Is important to mention that our beliefs are acquired as we grow and that, besides the experiences that we have, there are other factors that help build our beliefs. Family, friends and society, greatly influence the types of beliefs that we ought to have, for example, if the mother tells the child “you can’t do something” in a steadily way, the kid would definitely grow believing that he can’t do the things he want and that believe would get stronger.

Our habits, emotions and experiences are found stored in our subconscious which uses them every time we want to go through an activity in order to discriminate is what we are about to live accords to our beliefs; otherwise, in another case, it’s these beliefs determine what should do. Our subconscious then is a kind of defense mechanism that help us identify what suits us or not, but also can be the main inhibit or to perform the things that we want. For example, if we do something we like and that we have never done, our subconscious immediately goes back to the belief that we cannot do it, hampering us to achieve our goals: we behave according to what we believe.

The habits that equally govern out behavior can be negative or positive, being those the ones that we incorporate into our lives; if we incorporate the wrong habits, they can confine us and make build obstacles to those things that we want to do for the simple fact that the bad habit is so strengthened and so immersed in us that is very difficult to remove but not impossible. Follow these steps in order to incorporate beliefs and habits that help us in our lives:

  • Review and redefine your beliefs
  • Define what you want about yourself
  • Allow yourself to achieve your goals
  • Incorporate in your live habits that help your wellbeing
  • Identify what everybody else says and discriminate what you don’t need in your life and get rid of it

As you’ll see, our beliefs reign over our lives, from these beliefs we create habits so powerful that they become pretty hard to break and causes a series of pains in every person, causing them not to achieve their goals.

Every human being, every one of us are capable to dispose those beliefs that harm and keep us from moving forward, it´s just a matter of recreating ourselves and ask the following questions: Are my beliefs the right ones? What I believe makes me happy and help me achieve my goals? How often I consider other people opinions?