New Year’s Resolutions or Real Results?

New Year’s Resolutions or Real Results?

Andrea Funes – January 29, 2015

If in this 2015 we want Real Results, we need to reprogram our autopilot to live the life we want.


It is starting a new year and surely you, like me, made a list of resolutions to fulfil this 2015. It is very likely to be the same purposes in previous years as the percentage of completed annually resolutions round eight per cent. Moreover, is common to lower the barrier, thinking that if last year we did not lost the 10 kilos we promised, this year we won’t either; so we shift our focus on a smaller goal, not gaining weight. But this does not work; it’s frustrating and makes us feel we are not keeping our word to ourselves.

The reason…

The reason is simple but not obvious. We are used to use our willpower to make lasting changes, but that requires a lot of energy, since it implies our conscious mind that is only 10 per cent. This means we have to be focused and highly motivated to achieve and maintain the desire habits; but if at any time we feel tired, sad or just distracted, the resolutions are forgotten and we better eat the whole pie. Frequently occurs that our objectives are thought in negative and intended to limit us. What do I mean? Instead of thinking about the delicious salads we are going to eat now and all the new recipes we are about to learn, we just think of the french fries we promised not to eat. It is too tired! And not life for anyone!

But then, what can we do?

The other 90% of our brain is responsible for processing information that is unconscious to us, from the autonomous functions of the body to all the information that goes through our mind along the day and that is not detected by the reticular activating system -responsible for prioritizing stimuli-. This part of our mind is very powerful and is the one that allows us –or not– to achieve what we want, since it hosts all of our beliefs.

To make deep and lasting changes we need to work with our unconscious mind or what we call the autopilot. Why autopilot? Imagine an aircraft having a course set -autopilot-, while the pilot moves manually the direction of the plane, the plane will go where the pilot wants -willpower-, but as soon as the pilot gets distracted, the autopilot will dictate the course.

In LOVIS we offer BeLive, a seminar that takes you step by step so you can discover your autopilot in every aspect of your life and that helps you change the course set in the areas you want to. But today we are happy to start another year and we want to share with you some strategies to accomplish your resolutions with ease and in the long run!

  1. The first thing you need to do is identify an aspect of your life that you do not like, ready?
  2. Now consider the beliefs that you have been building throughout your life on this topic. If you thought that you do not like your financial situation, write whatever comes into your head about it: Do people who have lots of money are tricky, bad or dishonest? Don’t I deserve to be rich? I wouldn’t know how to handle so much money? Feel free to write as much as it comes to your mind. You’ll notice some irrational and unhelpful ideas, but unfortunately you believe them and your autopilot “helps” you to act accordingly.
  3. Now write positive affirmations in present that make you feel great excitement, to be more powerful than the ones you already have. You can write as many as you need. For example: I am a person that attracts wealth; I feel energized, happy and thankful with life; and I enjoy my wealth in the company of the people I love.
  4. Now repeat every morning and night your affirmations, visualizing what you want to achieve. You’ll be very soon on your way to the best version of yourself.
  5. Be happy! And update your affirmations as you fulfil them.