Why does a balanced life do not lead to success?

Why does a balanced life do not lead to success?

Ivana Vega – October 17, 2016

Many of us pursue the ideal of a balanced life, assuming this is achieved by having a fair sharing of time. We pursue the idea of being completely organized and capable to devote time alike to others and ourselves. However, this interpretation is incorrect and takes us away from achieving our dreams.


People who feel they have not a balanced life, is actually because they have certain priorities they are not attending. In other words, it is not that they need more balance, but that they need more purpose, meaning and importance in what they do.

While achieving a balanced life is a lie, we grasp that this is what we need to feel better. The question of balance is really a question of priorities. When we change our language from balance to priorities the options become clearer.

To achieve extraordinary results, we must define our priorities and act accordingly, this applies to both, work and personal life. Now, if we act on our priorities we will be automatically out of balance, devoting more time to one thing over another – and this is what we want!

Gary Keller, the author of The One Thing, introduces the concept of “counterbalance” to clarify that the fact of having priorities does not mean obsessing over them. The counterbalance is there to remind us that there are other things that are important, that we also want, and that it is also desirable for us to do them.

Thus, if I have clear my priorities and what those counterbalances are in my work and personal life, I will be much more successful, because I will dedicate the time and effort to the important stuff, but at the same time I will not feel I’m losing my own life.

“Success occurs at the extremes, not at midpoints”.