Postponement: The secret ingredient for not achieving our goals

Postponement: The secret ingredient for not achieving our goals

Jimena Aguilar – November 21, 2016

Setting goals motivates us to continue striving and to increase our confidence when we reach them. However, we are often guilty of setting goals that we fail to meet (lose weight, save money, get the job we want, etc.). Have you ever wondered what is causing these failures?


Postponement is a powerful emotional resistance that affects all of us, no matter how much time we have, we leave things for later. People who postpone can have this bad habit in their professional and/or personal life; moreover, they can postpone very simple activities as well as very complex ones.

According to some experts, the decision to postpone our activities can affect happiness. Not doing the tasks on time, generates frustration and decreases our own confidence. Postponing can be the result of a decision or just an evasive response. Let me explain: On one hand, we may be disinterested in doing something and prefer to carry out more enjoyable activities. On the other hand, if we doubt of our own capability and we think we will not be able to deliver the expected results, we will prefer to postpone them.

One of the most famous phrases by writer Napoleon Hill is: One of the most common causes of failure is the habit of abandoning oneself when one is caught in temporary frustration; and this is exactly what postponement might cause to ourselves.

In short, postponing attracts more evils than positive things because it distracts us from what really matters. Although it is very tempting to delay some activities and instead do something more pleasurable, we have to be focused every day… I guarantee you will be happier.