Recommendation of the week: “La Redonda” Vineyards

Recommendation of the week: “La Redonda” Vineyards

Ramón Aduna – February 10, 2015

Just 15 minutes from Tequisquiapan, the vineyard is located in an area similar to the Mediterranean; the ground is dry, with great capacity for water, sunny and windy, characteristics which, together, are essentially suitable for the development of life.


“La Redonda” Vineyards and its wines “La Redonda” and “Orlandi” are the products of the efforts of three generations of Mexican and Italian committed to the development of quality winemaking in our country, always inspired by the life and Don Vittorio commitment Bortoluz, Italian winemaker who comes to Mexico in the 50’s, with life.

During its history, its initial 160 hectares of vineyards have been the basis and origin of the awakening of Mexican wines as they have been for the case of the famous house Martell; the “Clos San José” based red Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot, the “Clos San José” based White Chenin Blanc and Saint Emilion, sparkling “Domian San José”, which established the basis in particular of the first sparkling in Mexico, both Brut and Semi dry.

Being the closest vineyard to the capital and surrounded by more than 50 million Mexicans, “La Redonda” has allowed the wine tradition spread through the wine. During the year, they offer guided tours of the vineyard and winery visits and various events and shows among which the “Festival of La Venidimia” and the “Fair wine and cheese”, each with a different concept that can be enjoyed in a unique atmosphere of this magnificent sunsets vineyard.

Besides being able to spend the afternoon touring the place, either on foot or in a small truck, La Redonda features a Trattoria with a menu designed to taste the house wines accompanied by a letter in which you can find dishes like pizzas and pastas, while playing live music which creates the perfect environment to stay with your family or friends.

I recommend taking the tour bus, which, for 75 pesos, you get a guided tour through the vineyards where they explain the process carried out for the grapes and give you a brief explanation tour the different types of grapes grow, plus you learn some facts about oenology. To finish the tour, performed tasting red wine and one sparkling house, very good indeed, where the guide will explain the grapes that were produced and pairing for these.

After the tour you can enjoy a meal at Trattoria mentioned above with a good house wine or, if you prefer, end the evening with a small picnic on the large green areas of the place, where you can enjoy a wine accompanied by a selection of cheeses, cold meats or mixed, depending on taste.

To conclude your visit, and located at the outlet of the vineyard, you can give a tour of the store where you can buy food, souvenirs or take some of the wines of the house into your home and enjoy them in the future.

If you want to stay the weekend, you can visit the Tequisquiapan and spend the night there for the morning visit the Peña de Bernal and take a tour of some other vineyards in the area and could be the Cavas Freixenet.

It’s definitely an experience worth living and being just two hours from Mexico City a place which you must visit a weekend to get away from the hustle and stress of everyday life.