Running a business is an extreme sport

Running a business is an extreme sport

Leopoldo Mitre – May 17, 2016

I have always believed that to be a senior executive, a successful businessman and a prominent worker requires a certain taste for adrenaline; having a taste for disquiet is basically a requirement in business. The very idea of knowing ourselves as responsible for the fate of many people and their families is comparable with the feeling that undergoes the captain of a risky expedition.


In almost all circumstances, leading a company becomes an extreme sport.

Most businesses do not survive their first three years of life, as most mountaineers climbing without provisions do not survive for long. Legal barriers, taxes not included, a fault in production, poor sales cycle, piracy and bad faith make business management a host of adrenaline such that would perplex the experienced racers.

However, not everything is chaos, there is always a way to get ahead. Perfecting the technique, having the right tools and developing the needed character make all extreme sports fun and fascinating. So it is with companies in our country. Having the right tools to minimize the financial, legal, human and business risks, along with the right direction, will make business venture the best mode of urban entertainment.

Information Technologies (IT) are indeed one of the most valuable tools that any company could access. The simple fact of having accurate information gives us certainty about the risks or limits we have to take in this sport. Knowing the quality and cost of our inventory, the detail of the expenses, and the cost of the company’s paysheet, among others, becomes especially helpful to plan the strategy. When we stop worrying about how to avoid the crash and start enjoying the fly because we trust the parachute on our back, we take better decisions. That’s what Information technologies are all about.

But for those who enjoy extreme sports and enjoy those moments of total uncertainty such as not being sure if they will have available product in the inventory, or especially for those who enjoy feeling stress every morning, IT is not a solution.

Business Information Systems provide us with the tools that will make the trip more comfortable. They do our extreme sport much safer as they put appropriate measures to prevent fractures. So now you know, if you’re a fan of extreme sports and like the taste of adrenaline, do not use IT.