San Carlos, the place where the desert meets the sea

San Carlos, the place where the desert meets the sea

Carolina Pacheco – March 30, 2015

San Carlos, Sonora is located in the northern part of Mexico; located in the Gulf of California, being the aquarium of the world, it is famous because of its beautiful sunsets and amazing gastronomy. The warm people that live there, will help you have the most amazing time of your life!


San Carlos its a magical beachfront subdivision in Sonora, at the northern part of Mexico.

Sonora is desert, full of cactus and the climate in summer raise up to 50 Centigrade degrees. Always fighting a big battle with water, because of the desert climate there is no rain, never less, the people, the food and the scenarios you can see in this magic state are wonderful. They say that this state has the best suns in the afternoon and in the dawn. People from all around the world, comes to Sonora to take pictures of this scenarios, we have amazing views. The amazement to see how the desert meets the sea is something you cannot miss. San Carlos is located in the port city of Guaymas, that is just 120 minutes away driving south from Hermosillo, the capital of Sonora.

This is a place you should visit, not only to see the amazing sunsets but also try its delicious food. This beautiful state its famous because of its amazing gastronomy.

So, come to México, come to Sonora, come to San Carlos and have an amazing time seeing its sunsets and trying its magical gastronomy.