Seeing that which Lies Beyond the Horizon

Seeing that which Lies Beyond the Horizon

Belén Falcón – May 11, 2015

Technological innovation allows us to move faster, dream bigger and have the tools to never get stuck. Andy Green made this point clear during the 'Innovation is Great' Business Summit, by sharing his experience at breaking the land speed record.


On 1997 he travelled above 760 mph and is now working with a team to go above 1000 mph. He said that when going so fast, the horizon is no longer that far off unreachable place, but instead, you get to see the Earth’s curvature, which brings an entirely new perspective of your goal. This experience helps realizing that achieving a great goal is not the end of a journey, but an opportunity to see what is beyond it: surely something even greater!

Green, who is a Wing Commander at the British Royal Air Force, explained that constant research and innovation allowed him to travel at such high speeds on land, and, in a way, be able to see what lies beyond the horizon.

This same thing happens within organisations. Their goals are fixed and clear. When initially set, everyone moves towards them vigorously. As they get closer, the energy that motivates every leader and collaborator begins to dissipate and the comfort zone becomes a reality.

In order to never stop in the pursuit of greatness, technological innovation should become a constant process, part of the organisation’s natural behaviour. That way, the right tools for each job will continue evolving, hand in hand with the renewal of the company’s objectives. The same way that Andy Green was aided by technology to break the land speed record and see beyond the horizon, technology for enterprises helps them to set greater objectives time and time again. New goals will keep the inertia that the organisation needs to keep moving forward. Therefore, everyone in the team will work together without staggering along the way, because they will always discover what else lies beyond the horizon.