Sir Winston Churchill Restaurant

Sir Winston Churchill Restaurant

Carolina Pacheco – January 26, 2015

"The only way to endure values such as trust and prudence, is through close contact", said Sir Winston Churchill and indisputably at this restaurant is the place to strengthen relationships either with your partner or with your friends. It’s a British restaurant created by Chef Jane Pearson Fernandez, born in Yorkshire and raised in Devon, UK.


Jane Pearson Fernandez met her husband in London on a trip he made, and love brought her to Mexico. After she arrived to this beautiful country with her husband, she decided to create this amazing restaurant called Sir Winston Churchill, combining the British environment and formality with the hospitality of the Mexican people.

This restaurant is inspired in Winston Churchill, a man who was transcendental to the UK. Politician, writer, historian, and British statesman. He was the only Prime Minister who has awarded the Nobel Prize of Literature. He inspired the British people with his speeches and his way of leading.

In this warm restaurant, the attention given, the sweet music played by the pianist and the quality of the dishes, will take you to a world full of magic through their menu and the environment that surrounds you.

From the moment you arrive to the place you can breathe a comfort atmosphere, scented with the aroma of delicious dishes; this awakes the taste buds to a new charm of pleasure. It seems as if they studied deeply the tastes of Winston Churchill and shaped them in the dishes they offer, they are spectacular.

It was created in 1972 and is located in Polanco in Mexico City, built in a Tudor style house belonging to the Chef Jane Pearson and her husband Rey Fernandez. This restaurant transports you to the most beautiful places in England, with its gardens and totally majestic decorations. It is a magical place you cannot miss, offering a diversity of dishes that will surprise you; they reflect the fusion of the traditional cuisine of Old England with the traditional flavour of Mexico.

Our recommendation would be the Wellington fillet, the duck with black cherry sauce and, of course, whiskey.

Sir Winston Churchill, a place you will never forget.