Social Media and Branding

Social Media and Branding

Karla Pérez – March 9, 2015

One of the main objectives of Social Media is to attract new customers and keep the users that are already in contact with our company, if the work is done properly in these networks can bring a lot of benefits to your brand and is a fact that if as the company does not enter into the digital age we stay out of the big leagues.


Since several years ago, Social Media has become a powerful tool. Corporations and nations have relied on the use of social networks looking to increase communication with users and consumers.

Having presence in Social Networks make us interactive speakers because we get advertising on some level when users access to our networks. And it allow us to have instant communication. But, what does this imply? It implies to be at the day on the information we share and that this is accurate, effective and relates to what we do. Users who interact with us are there because they are interested in what we offer and it is our responsibility to keep them always interested.

One of the main objectives of social networks as well as providing information to our users is the customer attention, this allows keeping our customers and generates the interest of new ones, thanks to the recommendation of our regular users. The popularity of Social Networks it is generated because of the recommendation from mouth to mouth. Recommendations are always made between users and they start paying attention to our networks and this way we have success. Likewise it increases the numbers of persons who will have greater access of our company and what we are doing.

We have to be careful also, we must not fill publications and content our networks if this is not justified nor can leave without informing the user. Because few but important information pleases people and a lot of information saturates and bores users. Many times saturating networks it creates the opposite reaction of what we want. People are bored and then lose interest in our publications.

Knowing these Social Media data, we can start creating the strategy in social networks and that is why it is basic to consider the following questions; What we want to accomplish? Who are we talking to? What are the objectives? What will we do? And how we will measure it?. Having answered these questions we can begin with the branding plan on our networks.

Another important aspects in brand positioning networks, is whether the message you are giving is clear, easy to understand and strong enough to resonate in the minds of our users. These days networkers have little time to read messages or elaborate information; it is better to have an easy message that the user can understand quickly. Also is very important honesty in the information we have, when we are promoting our brand or product we cannot afford communicate false or quackery information because we lose the reliability of our product or service.