The art of tautening the league and leverage the eustress

The art of tautening the league and leverage the eustress

Evelyn Cárdenas – March 30, 2015

How many times have we heard the word "tension", undoubtedly many times in the course of our life. We are told that challenge provokes us anxiety and unpleasant feelings, when in fact being stretched can lead us to achieve our goals and get what we want.


Each person has grown up in different family and social fields, these fields and the experiences that we acquire, give us tools to deal with different situations in our life. Our behavior towards society, looking for a job or even how we express our feelings to a person are determined by our believes and constitute what we call the comfort zone. When we try something different we might feel out of this zone and stress will appear; so our mind will look out for resources that help us return to our comfort zone.

Being in tense situations, show us our own ability to solve things, and the art of tautening the league is trained. Many of us relate this tension with poor quality of life and just as an awkward situation from which to escape. But certainly, it’s an opportunity to be creative, to experience new things, and even, it’s a door to expand our comfort zone. Some authors refer to this tension as eustress (good stress).

The art of tautening the league is an ally, which gives us the opportunity to challenge ourselves, show us that we have the capabilities, abilities and intelligence to solve what we want, it’s just a matter of putting aside the fears or negative beliefs that keep us away from growing and experiencing new things.

And it’s good to remember that our beliefs impact our behaviours, so the next time you want to change a behaviour think first on the origin and work on that.

When presented a stressful time, I recommend you to say something as follows: “I can with this”, “I concentrate and put my positive energy to leave this stressful time”, “The result that I have is extraordinary”… these kind of words will help us have a clear mind, free to search the tools we need for a specific situation.

We are what we think. Think bigger.