The British ambassador in Mexico, Duncan Taylor, welcomed LOVIS

The British ambassador in Mexico, Duncan Taylor, welcomed LOVIS

LOVIS – September 21, 2015

On September the 10th, Duncan Taylor, British Ambassador in Mexico, offered an exclusive celebration for the presentation of LOVIS in Mexico, British technology and consultancy firm and one of the UK biggest success stories in Information Technologies.


LOVIS is a British company that has transformed the consultancy services and the implementation of technology solutions for businesses. The company has been operating in the UK from January 2014, a nation that has been the perfect platform to go into the European Union and the so-called Commonwealth nations.

LOVIS helps organisations to regain at least one out of every two hours that are spent on administrative and operative tasks, to invest them in activities that are more meaningful and valuable to the business. The key to obtain the results is in its systemic model, based on three pillars: the optimisation of the Business Processes, the implementation of the aligned Business Technology, based upon Information Technology, that supports these processes, and the Development of the Persons that make things happen, so the changes are adopted and maintained in the long term.

In this sense Rafael Funes, Executive Chairman, said: “The corporate executives have expressed in various ways the time needed to be devoted to what really matters… Today we can say that we have helped our clients to double productivity and improve the quality of life of their employees while increasing its dividend in six months or less“.

The welcome was a success and the attendees, among them leading figures from the business environment, enjoyed the hospitality of the ambassador at his residence in Mexico City.

This event marked the beginning of a new stage for the company that will definitely bring benefits to Mexico, so said Rafael Funes: “Mexico is destined to be one of the 10 largest economies in the world and from LOVIS we will help make it possible“.