The client might know what he wants, but often he does not know what he needs

The client might know what he wants, but often he does not know what he needs

Belen Falcon – May 2, 2016

Do not let your investment in technology becomes an expense: Tips to get juice from an enterprise operating system.


It is virtually impossible that a company does not want to increase their productivity, profitability or level of customer satisfaction. Normally, organizations proactively seek and promote initiatives that strengthen the operation and improve outcomes.

Many of these initiatives involve technology, as in the case of the implementation of enterprise operating systems, in order to facilitate the management and control of the operation and have reliable and timely information for proper decision making.

However, some companies fall into the mistake of seeking new systems that do exactly the same as the previous systems did, without considering whether the actual operating and business processes contribute to achieve the objectives or not.

Falling into this trap is very dangerous, in an effort to preserve processes “proven through the years” all that is achieved, is the automation of old vices.

Do not let an investment becomes an expense. Here are three tips to get the most of new technologies:

  1. It is essential to be open to change and understand the value proposition offered by the new technology.
  2. Go with expert consultants to help you take the best of your actual processes as well as the best practices in the market.
  3. Make sure you have expert collaborators in your operation, that together with a team of consultants, are able to build new, easy, simple and effective ways of doing things, that is, that together they can build your Next Business Practices.