The cloud technology and more of its benefits

The cloud technology and more of its benefits

Raúl Ladino – October 6, 2015

Talking about the cloud is already very common, a technology that brings great benefits to those who use it. In previous articles I mentioned many advantages of the cloud, on this occasion, let me comment on some more:


With an internet connection is more than enough to access all the information you need, anywhere, anytime and with the speed that the modern world needs.

Technology developers, with LOVIS as one of the most advanced, are adopting cloud technology, which is becoming the most used platform worldwide.

  • It is elastic. This technology adapts quickly to growing businesses or to very large companies, because it supports changes according to the workload of those who use it.
  • Reduces risks and costs of investing in infrastructure, you pay only for what you use. In addition, maintenance costs and upgrades are diminished dramatically.
  • A smartphone, a tablet or a computer are just enough to check the agenda, send emails, access Financial Statements, as in LOVIS EOS, and more, at home, traveling or enjoying a coffee.