The human factor, cornerstone of companies

The human factor, cornerstone of companies

Nicole Cuevas – July 21, 2015

When we think of a company usually we think about machinery and people working daily just following the routine. We observe the people walking through the entrance, performing their obligations, adapting to changes and working as usual; but have you ever ask yourself how do this people feel?


When companies work on internal projects that can lead to changes there are different reactions among employees, such as fear, anxiety or emotion towards new challenges. However, organizations must consider employees when any of these changes occur because the success or the failure of the initiatives depend on them.

Although organizations are an organic system that is maintain thanks to the synergy between processes, technology and people, very few organizations give the weight that deserve each of these factors. Companies tend to acquire new tools and / or technologies believing they are the answer for the organizations to work properly and efficiently, but those factors alone are not always the solution.

We have to keep in mind that when a company implements technology and defines new processes it is important to know the needs and requirements of people, we have to perceive how they feel about the change, and how we can turn their potential into results. People are one of the cornerstones of organizations; they are one of the main reasons why the technology and the processes work well and effectively in any company.

When there is synergy between these three components (technology, processes and people), an organization is more likely to be successful.