Think and act like a digital native

Think and act like a digital native

Belén Falcón – August 8, 2017

Being digital native means more than being exposed to technology from the first years of life; being a digital native is more a matter of attitude. In a digital world, attitude towards new technologies can make the difference for a successful career.


It has been chosen to name “digital natives” those people who were born from 1990 onwards and, because of the nature of the context in which they grew, have a different psycho-cognitive configuration that allows them to assimilate more quickly the use of new technologies, such as the internet, mobile devices, new video game consoles, etc. On the other hand, they are called “digital immigrants” those persons born in the eighties or earlier, that is, those who did not grow with technological devices in hand and who have had to adapt to an environment that changes every moment.

It is true that the exposure of younger generations to technology from an early age makes it incredibly easy for them to adapt to a digitized work world; however, this does not mean that belonging to an earlier generation undermines competitiveness and talent (or, at least, should not be).

We are in full revolution. Economy 4.0 has reached us and digital natives have many advantages over digital immigrants. Therefore, the only thing left for this last group is to make the most of the process they have lived by constantly adapting to a world that speaks a language different from the one they learned in their childhood. And all this is a great arena of opportunity!

First, the digital immigrant has had to leave their comfort zone to survive. What a better gift for a person than to be bound to make a leap into the unknown! After all, we spend (at least) the first years of our lives, giving hundreds of leaps of this type.

Second, the brain of a digital immigrant has been reprogrammed to learn new technological tools, and if he is lucky, he will have realized how exciting it is to learn something new every day.

Finally, a digital immigrant has the best of both worlds. On the one hand, legendary methods, tools and knowledge inherited from past generations, which brings him socialization skills often unknown to the younger; and on the other, new methods and tools that open infinite possibilities in a hyperconnected environment.

Are you a digital native? Watch more, learn from the old ways. Are you a digital immigrant? Simply, let yourself go.