Three key factors to successfully compete and win

Three key factors to successfully compete and win

Rafael Funes – February 2, 2015

Every company I know is in the market to compete and win. It is quite interesting how many executives have a very wrong idea about competitiveness. Some of them think that business success is a consequence of having the best product, others, the most aggressive campaign, and some more of beating the competition through the lowest price. What I have learnt from our clients is that real, long-term success is caused by three very different factors.



The reason for a Company to exist is to satisfy a market’s need. Here lies the true purpose of coming and working together, so you and your team can succeed together. To really put your customer at the centre requires a profound knowledge of needs, desires and expectations, and a defined selections of those that you choose to satisfy.

Every customer knows what he or she wants, your responsibility is to identify the needs hidden behind this desires. You and your organisation shall commit into designing, building and delivering products and serviced that fulfil your customer’s need. Your brand shall establish what your customer can expect, these expectations must be clearly over those of your competitors and your performance has to exceed your own promise.

Engaged Collaborators

A Service company is really a customer-centric one. Every member of the organisation knows that doing their job is not enough, what matters is successfully deliver the end-result to the customer, no matter what, every time. To engage every member of your organisation you have to believe in what your organisation does and transmit such beliefs to your team. It is necessary that you lead your associates in the right direction and to develop the right beliefs in them.

It is very important to compensate your staff according to the value that each one adds to the customer, directly or indirectly. It is also of capital importance to give your team the tools that will help them do their jobs in the easiest, most reliable and fastest way. Finally, effectiveness and efficiency help people to recover time to do what it is most important to each and every one.

Business Processes and Technology

I have found many companies where there is no definition on how things are to be done, while others have a clear advantage over their competitors, based in the consistency, productivity and quality delivered by their business and operating processes. There are always unnecessary tasks that can be taken out from the process without any loss of the value delivered by the process. Moreover, when we get rid of unnecessary tasks, the person works better, yields better results and has more time available to perform and innovate.

What every organisation needs is the optimum combination of proven practices with those highly valued practices that make your organisation unique, as well as the new practices that no one else has imagined before. Business Technology that supports and is aligned to this optimal combination of Business Processes, facilitates the customer-centric Organisation to fulfil its mission. At the end, this improves the organisational performance and personal wellbeing to place you ahead of your competitors.

We all can compete but just a few will succeed and win. The best companies in the market are those centred on their customers, formed by engaged collaborators and incorporate advanced, reliable and easy to use business technology supporting the optimum combination of business processes.

Is your company built to succeed?