Tips to engage your team during a new system implementation

Tips to engage your team during a new system implementation

Nicole Cuevas – May 29, 2016

Currently, more companies decide to come into the world of business systems, to achieve, improve and align their business processes to the strategy. Business systems must help companies regain the wasted time in operational and administrative tasks to invest it in things that really matter, that are more meaningful and valuable to the business.


However, to finish with the implementation of a new platform is just the beginning of a bigger challenge: guarantee that the new processes related to the change are maintained on the ongoing. To ensure that this happens it is fundamental to consider 3 factors: Technology, Business Process and People.

People make things happen, or not. To avoid any “natural” obstacle we should prevent ourselves from “the resistance to change”.

Douglas K. Smith, in his book Taking Charge of Change: Ten Principles for Managing People and Performance, said “the ignorance about our intimate nature of our resistance to change is what kills the change, not the resistance by itself”…  The key factors to eliminate resistance to change are: Communication, Empowerment and Moving our comfort zone.

At LOVIS we have developed a proven methodology that has helped our clients to avoid the resistance to change during our Technology Implementation Projects.

Our advices

  • Create awareness of the importance of personal change within the company
  • Allow your team to define their own new personal objectives that are aligned to the organisation’s goals
  • Analyse and modify old paradigms and replace them with new believes
  • Promote the collaboration of the people involved in the project


  • People will realise they are the major advocate for change within their lives
  • Strengthens self-esteem, generating positive energy to meet any objective
  • Encourages collaborative leadership to effectively change in the short, medium and long term
  • Promotes a sense of belonging and integration within the different areas of the company
  • Helps to establish new challenging objectives and invites people to test themselves

With LOVIS Methodology, the adoption and use of new processes and technology lasts longer, people is more committed with future changes and everyone’s wellbeing is improved.