Trends of Cloud Computing in the next years

Trends of Cloud Computing in the next years

Raúl Ladino Prado – February 10, 2015

A Little bit of theory…the Cloud Computing is, in fact, a trend that allow us to share digital resources through Internet, taking out the traditional media like hard disks, usb flash and a long etc. Now, we can access to our data anytime and from anywhere, with the certain that they will not be lost and the availability only depends in the internet connection. The information will always be actualized, offers to the companies, overcoat, a lot of services and benefits. Here in LOVIS we are experts in Cloud Computing, achieving about the 98% in average of availability in the recent months.


Public? Private? Or both? We have to understand the difference between the tree types of clouds we have, a practice way is to define how secure we need or we want our data. From social network to dedicated servers, to share o to restrict, personal or business. Each person or corporative entity have to define the security level required for their data.

About 2020, the half of enterprises in America, the 100% will have a service in the cloud, nesting their data bases; by then the 85% of software developers will be obligated to migrate from the local to clouding service. Renewed or died.

We know that having the information on cloud technology, brings a substantial saving in data storage, as well as in expensive hardware that at the end of this decade will be replaced by mega servers. Farewell to the complicated infrastructures and the intricate tunnels of cables and connections.

The growth will be exponential, and as well as the enterprises growing, than, since December of 2013, the 60% of American companies (medium and small) has opted to virtualize their data servers.

With this facts, I can tell that the most important trends will be:

  1. Hybrid Clouds. Infrastructures that are characterized by housing a combination of public and private data cheaper and with more choices to choose.
  2. The cloud in your mobile. We only have to take a look into the streets to see how many people use mobile devices, further that, this is the most invested industry by now, where people spends more money than other stuff, as consumers, as users, we can storage, manipulated and actualize our personal and job data in a cell phone, ipad and whatever.
  3. A platform, a service. The companies could increase their productivity decreasing times that have been spend in the processes, well harnessed, the cloud could significate at least the 50% of saving time inside the today enterprises. At least.
  4. Data analyses. Already with the services in use, the developers have to go further (Next Business Practices), by now, they have to invent new technics of real time data analysis that process give. Technics that results on a dash board where the high management take decisions without the marathon meetings. By now with only one click, they will be able to define the course of outcomes, incomes, loses and profits, productivity and efficiency, and so.
  5. Same driving, more security. Two of the lot concerns for the technology people in the companies, but, thanks to cloud computing, it won´t be necessary to stay late at night solving big troubles of any type or journeys more than 10 will not be necessary. From any part of the planet, any worker will be able to execute any process, to see a report or finish the pending they have, with the certain that everything they do will be transparent to them, but track able in the company and the result of their activities will be reflected immediately in the system. Goodbye to the “Who knows who was” and to the “The system doesn´t work”
  6. In focus. The enterprises that will adopted the cloud computing, won´t have to canalize resources in the research of better technologies, they could focus in the Core Business that they have, get focus in what they have to.

The cloud technology is revolutionizing the way to do daily work, forward, enterprises that work on internet connectivity, will have to work harder in velocity and stability, this will be the only pretext to not work.