What about your people?

What about your people?

Fernanda López – December 13, 2015

Often, senior entrepreneurs, seek success in acquiring the latest technologies, devoting much time to the planning process or investing great amounts of money in communication and advertising, all in order to make the market aware of the goods and/or services offered and of course, to have a profitable business. However, there are times that human capital is not taken into account, when in fact it is the most important area.


We are the one who, by integrating a company, make things work, grow and deliver results. There may be better quality infrastructures, technologies and modern facilities, but if people do not use them by taking advantage of them to the maximum, they are useless. People are the base of the pyramid and it needs a strong foundation to be built.

It is critical to give employees a sense of belonging, make them feel part of the team and show that their work is valued. This will make them feel useful, important and appreciated, generating an openness to any situation that arises. Remember that what matters is not only the tools and facilities that we have, but the use we give to them.

According to studies, people who enjoy their work do not only base on their activities to make that assertion; the workplace, treatment and incentives and/or benefits far outweigh the functions of the employee. A person who does not like his work gives a performance below 40%; while those who enjoy their work are rarely below 95% in performance. Such people are more open to change, are more accessible and can respond positively to stress.

Human Capital is the most important and valuable area of any organisation, be surrounded by the right people will make the results bigger and arrive on time.