What are the benefits of an Induction Change program?

What are the benefits of an Induction Change program?

Belén Falcón – March 8, 2016

To successfully implement a business management system it is necessary to accompany it with an induction change program, not only in the organization but in the deepest beliefs and habits of employees.


The implementation of a new technology, when you are really thinking about the business, involves changes in operating processes and business, new roles and functions and even significant changes in the organizational structure. It is normal that as a result people feel threatened, with uncertainty and even with fear.

In this context, a classic change management model is not sufficient to guarantee the adoption of new technology and new processes for the workers. The real change is not something that you just manage, but something that must come from within the employees.

What features has an efficient Induction Change Program?

Generates significant change in the person

It is important to facilitate analysis and the modification of old paradigms, to replace them with new beliefs that drive the individual to collaborate with the project; turn your colleagues into the best promoters of the new way of working.

Ensures that all employees are informed

It is necessary to transmit clear messages that allow people to understand the objectives, scope and actions of each stage of the project; as well as the benefits, progress, goals to be met, and goals achieved.

Strengthen personal skills

Some moments of the project are critical because the activities carried out depend largely on the skills, knowledge and a positive attitude of the people. That is why it becomes essential to make available to all colleagues the various tools to help them develop their skills and apply their experiences in the project to perform fully at all stages.