What is required to strengthen a growing sector?

What is required to strengthen a growing sector?

Daniel Valencia – July 28, 2016

The growth of an industry is not easy but it is not as difficult as we might think as long as there is a solid base of information to make the right decisions. Information will help us address the market challenges and seize and create new opportunities.


Develop or grow an industry is not easy but it is not as difficult as we might think; however, it is necessary that the sector is aligned to seize opportunities that arise.

What does integrated mean?

The word integrated goes beyond a communion as a sector, it means integrity in the process, integrity in communication, integrity in growth, but above all, integrity in the information to make decisions for exponential and sustainable development.

The case of Mexico

In recent years, Mexico has had an accelerated growth in the advanced manufacturing sector, specifically in the automotive sector, which in 2015 produced 3.4 million units hoping to increase this figure by 8.4% in subsequent years. Mexico ranked as the seventh largest producer worldwide; moreover, the significant growth in this sector influenced in the development of other sectors, such as: auto parts, aerospace, and aeronautics.

What needs to happen for a sector to grow?

We can say that it is required to get more suppliers, encourage innovation in raw materials, reduce costs in manufacturing, optimize the supply chain, ensure product quality, establish beneficial trade agreements for the parties involved, attract foreign investment, and create more jobs, among others… or simply wait for the sector to grow by itself.

Before we get ahead, the first thing we should know is the current status of both, the company and the sector to which it belongs. Reliable, updated and comprehensive information is the best and safest way to meet the demands of the market and increase revenues.

Operate with effective, comprehensive and streamlined processes maintains the sector with a continuous and sustainable improvement, yielding benefits such as:

  • Focused and specialized suppliers of raw materials and services.
  • Generation of capability in the region and good-paid jobs.
  • Atmosphere of shared knowledge that influences more companies to join the clusters.
  • Nearness of raw materials and markets to ensure a steady supply.
  • Supply chain with qualified suppliers.
  • Alternative providers ensuring the quality of products and services.