Why do you need a Personal Brand?

Why do you need a Personal Brand?

Jimena Aguilar – October 19, 2015

People who think they do business with companies are wrong, the business is done with other people. Having a strong Personal Brand will dramatically help you to improve your "personal power".

“You are welcomed for how you introduce yourself. You are dismissed according to your behaviour”, Francisco de Quevedo.


Personal Branding is the art of building a brand of yourself, just as important as creating an Enterprise Brand. So, it’s crucial to have the proper signature, appropriate behaviour, an excellent tone of voice, a suitable profile, adequate image… all lead to establish your reputation and identity.

Personal Branding is a very popular concept these days, why is that?

When we are looking for a restaurant, usually we do it at Google, you search for the site of your choice where you can read reviews about the place you want to visit. If the opinions are favourable, if the photos are nice, if you like the page layout, the menu looks delicious, etc., you will not hesitate to go to the new hot spot. It’s the same with people.

In our daily life, we are constantly generating our Personal Brand with every action, expression, attitude, the way we talk, dress or even smell. We build a picture of ourselves, and if we want to “sell” that image, we have to do so with a good one, right? That’s why we have to consider important aspects in generating our Personal Brand:

  • Our life story
  • Our verbal and nonverbal expression
  • Image
  • Netiquette

A very often mistake is that people spend more time building the “Business Brand” at networking events, than building a “Personal Branding” (what they represent, who they are and what their values are). You have probably heard that “people buy people”, but we often focus on what people DO and not what they ARE.

People is less interested in what service or product you sell than in what they think you will be as a business partner. This is a thin line, but in essence, what people say about you, your reputation is more important than the business per se.

If you get that right, if you live your Personal Branding, then people will trust you, surely you will be the first person to be contacted when they need any of the services that your company offers. If those people, only remember the product, customers will go to the nearest business that helps with their needs, however if they remind YOU, they will contact you as soon as they require it.

Remember that if they are attracted to you, they will be interested in what you’re doing and how they can fit in your business, and not vice versa. Make yourself a brand and make your business-offer around it. By having your Personal Branding, you will attract more business opportunities, you may be seen as an opinion leader, you will have more credibility and these, will increase the chances of being successful.

Make yourself the Brand, make your PERSONAL BRANDING!