Why your company does not need an ERP?

Why your company does not need an ERP?

Daniel Valencia – July 13, 2016

Companies should invest in technology that lets them speed the business up. However most of the time we waste time, money and efforts in traditional enterprise systems which end up costing more than the investment.


Many organisations choose to implement an ERP with the hope to control their operation and have the information to take the best decisions. However, on many occasions, the results achieved are far below expectations. It is very important to make three big reflections before venturing acquire this kind of technology.

Do I want to automate my bad habits or make the Operation easier?

When implementing an ERP, companies often make the mistake of ordering the letter to Santa Claus, they explain at length their processes and hope that every requirement is fulfilled. After some days, weeks or even months of work, they finally get what they asked for; however, it´s not necessarily what they wanted or worst it´s not what they need. Automate processes of the Company as they were, it could mean automating old vices and bad practices.

Do I want to have access to the best practices?

One of the first benefits to choose an information system is acquiring one of the best business practices, however, as time goes by, such practices become common, static and stop evolving. Why not think about going a step forward, take practices that have already worked, add them with the best in the market and build together, with operation and business processes experts, new and disruptive ways to do things? All these supported by advanced technology that allows to accelerate business.

Am I willing to invest in Infrastructure?

Another point to consider is the cost. Usually it is necessary to do a strong investment in order to have an infrastructure that ensures accessibility, availability and security. The cost to keep this kind of solution tends to increase over time, not to mention the costs of the upgrade which will be incurred whenever required to include a process or add a functionality. Wouldn`t be better to forget about this costs and have an application in the cloud?

These are only some questions you have ask yourselves before deciding if an ERP is what your company really needs.